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Norma Márquez Orozco

Norma Márquez Orozco works with transparency in experimental settings of partly controlled and partly accidental arrangements. Light, time and perception are some of the main subject matter in the artwork. Through random mobility of the parts that make up the pieces, the art imitates the unpredictable patterns in nature, as well as the impermanence of beliefs and memories. The artwork are open-ended images constructed on three-dimensional montages of paper inside translucent paper boxes. Harmonies and tensions arise from the various exchanges between colors, patterns, positive and negative spaces, geometric and organic shapes. Born in 1966 in Chicago, and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, Norma Márquez Orozco began and consolidated her career as an artist in New York City. Reaching back more than 20 years, her work has been exhibited in the United States, Mexico, Spain and Germany. In 2019 she moved to Luxembourg, where she now lives and works.

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